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Amor (9) 'Papa was a rodeo', de The Magnetic Fields

En septiembre de 1999, la banda neoyorquina 'The Magnetic Fields', liderada por Stephen Merritt, lanza un triple cd llamado inequívocamente "69 love songs", 69 canciones compuestas por Merritt en torno a las múltiples formas del amor y el desamor y sus efectos colaterales en nuestras vidas.

Un trabajo conceptual de 69 canciones casi forzosamente ha de ser irregular y unas cuantas sí nos sobran, pero bastantes de ellas están muy bien, como "The Book Of Love", "Asleep And Dreaming", "I Think I Need A New Heart", "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing", entre otros, pero entre todas esos temas sobresale "Papa was a rodeo", cantada por Merritt junto a
Shirley Simms. Con una letra seductora, ambigua, dulce, desesperanzada, romántica, cínica, es una canción sobre las vidas errantes, los amores de una noche, los amores de una vida. Les ofrecemos dos versiones, la del album y otra en directo, para que puedan disfrutar de este hermosísimo tema que suele mecer algunos momentos de trabajo en la redacción del Juez Roy Bean. 

I like your twisted point of view, Mike I like your questioning eyebrows You've made it pretty clear what you like It's only fair to tell you now that I leave early in the morning and I won't be back till next year I see that kiss-me pucker forming but maybe you should plug it with a beer, cause Papa was a rodeo - Mama was a rock'n'roll band I could play guitar and rope a steer before I learned to stand Home was anywhere with diesel gas - Love was a trucker's hand Never stuck around long enough for a one night stand Before you kiss me you should know Papa was a rodeo The light reflecting off the mirror ball looks like a thousand swirling eyes They make me think I shouldn't be here at all You know, every minute someone dies What are we doing in this dive bar How can you live in a place like this Why don't you just get into my car and I'll take you away I'll take that kiss now, but (boy) Papa was a rodeo And now it's 55 years later We've had the romance of the century After all these years wrestling gators I still feel like crying when I think of what you said to me Papa was a rodeo Before you kiss me you should know - Papa was a rodeo What a coincidence, your Papa was a rodeo too 

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